This sophomore effort from this Wigan band is a fine album it must be said.
Getting matters underway is 'All Night Long'. It's chorus steadily comes around and the figuration benefits the delivery.
Doing so captures a fluid paunch in the brash calling which counts.
After that comes' Hollywood', the well checked guitar riffs have it licked on the intro. It then coasts along with a sullen undertone backing it nicely. But in some ways it falls short and attempts to cover that over with an emphasis on playing against development which works against it. Where it holds up it does have a lot going for it.

On third track 'Come Over Girl' things come together, there is an air of confidence in the pitch favourably calling the shots. The cumbersome handling of the vocals also provides well alongside the layering in the arrangement. It breaks down into a somewhat indie pop tune but is handled in a way which necessitates this calling without it feeling contrived.

Keeping a knack they have from grinding out a tune from the guitar is 'Hurricane'. Again they retain a good balance between mainstream apparel and an indie calling which stays the course. The hurried feel balanced out on the bridge brings an impressive richness to the details. With 'Heartbreaker' they attempt something more ambitious. The lyrical narrative is found asking in places. This leads to it feeling too familiar and the 'by-the-numbers' approach, albeit one with a gloss, doesn't feel as if they are pushing themselves. This leads to a jaded feeling despite it reaching for something more determined in the process. They do right these wrongs with 'Into The Darkness'. In truth this is more like it because it is a case of them playing to their strengths. A condensed calculation also gives the deliberation a more grounded sense of movement, whilst the darker subtext of the lyrics adds substance.
The rotund tempt holds fast to give it the shot In the arm it needs. They continue in that rich vein of form with 'Dancing All Night'. While it feels looser the approach sits right. From the lightness of touch it comes across as a more relaxed effort which duly works on the listener. Whilst it also has going for it a clean sense of structure which is impressively kept in check. As the sturdy hold in the rhythm gives it light 'Casanova' becomes a tune in it's own right which holds up. The astute calculation captures a telling sense of the replete, while there is a homely sentiment in the lyrical reflections which give it a fonder touch. The heart located in the earnest temperament carries over in a token way that is blessed with richness.

Set out on the acoustic approach on the intro, 'April Showers' is a tidy affair in it's own right. A noted sense of accomplishment is located in the running here is pitched fairly. 'One Night in Vegas' continues in that same vein. An impressive urgency is cornered in a direct fashion on this. You sense the prowess from how they pay it forward by giving a lot on the delivery with this one. Perhaps it is the pensive longing, but 'Ariel' grabs you in the right way. An appreciation sees it unfurl correctly which is then locked down as it takes flight. It brings through a faithful sense of realisation which gets everything right. How they get behind it makes a solid tune off the back of how it all works. Going for it with 'Something Real' achieves the objective. It is a consummate effort with a graceful showing in the urgency. This gives the fluid momentum a careful balance made to count in a prominent way that feels the part. 'The Jump Push Fall Test' closes proceedings. Nicely fleshing out the intro invites the pique of the pursed vocals. Thus suits the sullen intricacy of the outline of the arrangement. How it is then corralled with the upbeat tempo realises a great deal as it comes full circle.


GIVEN their new album is named after the world’s most famous film-making location it is no surprise Inside View enjoy getting behind a camera and shooting music videos.

The pop-rock three-piece have just finished producing their latest visual effort to accompany their song Come Over Girl, taken from their second full-length release Hollywood.

The band, made up of singer and guitarist Anthony O’Brien, lead guitarist Danny Heaton and bassist Will Potts, filmed their latest video in Southport for the song which tells the story of a clearly-doomed relationship.

With Hollywood hitting the shelves a couple of months ago the group say they are looking to do more music videos as they enjoy the format.

Singer and guitarist Anthony, 30, said: “Music videos are another creative outlet and something we do enjoy. We get a lot of input into what the videos are about and telling a story is another way of getting it out there compared to just hearing the song.

“Our friend Lauren Tregay stars in the video for Come Over Girl.

“It’s about liking someone but already knowing it’s not going to work out yet wanting to try anyway.”Hollywood sees Inside View, whose studio line-up is completed by session drummer Sean Murphy, explore their love of the US both musically and lyrically

Drawing influence from singer songwriters such as Ryan Adams and John Mayer as well as bands like Matchbox Twenty, the follow-up to Inside View’s 2012 album Let Go is an affectionate tribute to the other side of the Atlantic.

The album was recorded at The Lounge studios in Wigan and Anthony says the band is extremely pleased with the result.

He said: “On our first album we sounded more indie but this time we’ve embraced our American influences and it’s also a bit more poppy.

“Danny and I went out to California to do a few gigs in 2011 and that definitely influenced quite a few of the songs on this album.

The music video for Inside View’s song Come Over Girl is out now. The track is taken from the band’s album Hollywood which is also available now.

For more information about the band, visit or follow them on Twitter @InsideViewMusic

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L.S. Media Rating ****

There is something rather deliciously and creatively cool about Inside View’s full debut album Let Go. After a few years of releasing the obligatory e.p’s it was perhaps time that the band consisting of Anthony O’Brien on vocals and guitar, Danny Heaton on guitar and vocals, Johnny Waring on bass and vocals and Sean Murphy on drums, released an album to an awaiting world and the result is a record of some magnificence and beauty.

Although Anthony and Danny have been scribbling away and playing since the very start, the addition of John Waring and Sean Murphy in last year have given the band a balance that gives the music a gentle almost artisan feel which reminds the listener of a softer, more humane feel to the music. The vocal style that Anthony O’Brien provides for songs such as Picture Perfect, Heaven and Hell and This Is Not The End Of The World captures the imagination fully. It gives the listener the image of the late 60’s and early 70’s Californian style but with none of the pretentiousness and excess baggage that can be associated with that era and almost tarnished beyond redemption with.

The best way to describe Let Go and the band themselves is part rock, part ethereal manliness. Poetic licence but with a firm unmistakable grasp on what it is shake their audience and their preconceptions but with the idealism still unshakeable. The music doesn’t need a degree to understand but the band and therefore the album are just worthy of listening to quietly and with smile on your face.

Let Go won’t be lauded or awarded the best debut album by London-centric and “look” obsessed journalists but it certainly has all the hallmarks and subtle quality that makes music a passion and just simply a joy to listen to.

Ian D. Hall

I’d read rave reviews about Inside View so my expectations were running high but sadly I was a little disappointed. Kicking off with ‘Judas’ the vocal simply didn’t come through which I suspect was more fault with the technical set up than with singer Ant who clearly has talent and a decent voice. The band persevered but looked a bit lost at times as the mainly ‘rock type’ crowd didn’t engage. ‘Picture Perfect’ is beautifully written and deserves to be listened to. Billed betwixt two rock bands perhaps they were wrong footed from the start. I’ll be giving these guys another shot and I urge you to do the same

Update: After publishing this review I learned that Inside View had lost their drummer and bass guitarist a month before Haigh Fest. They played on the day with a new drummer and a 'stand in' bass player. All things considered it would be unfair not to commend them for their guts and determination to get on with it, rather than pull out last minute as many others would have done. Hats off to Inside View for their professionalism, we look forward to seeing another gig with the new line up.

Wigan's Inside View are on a high after putting in a stunning performance at one of the region's biggest music festivals.

The band stormed the stage at this year's Whatfest Festival, which was held last weekend on the rolling fields of Riverside Organic Farm, near Northwich, Cheshire.

Guitarist Danny Heaton said: "It was brilliant to play there, although it was a bit muddy.

"It was one of the biggest shows that we have played so far.

"We played at Sherdley Park for the St Helens Festival a few weeks ago too, which was also a lot of fun."

In January the band were contacted by elev8artists management who expressed an interest in managing them.

And after successful negotiations the lads were signed to a multi-year contract and went on to appear on the BBC as well as on local radio.  


They also played as support on some high profile shows, including one with The Coronas at The Ruby Lounge.

 If that wasn't enough they also now have a following in the US.

After featuring on radio stations out there they were contacted by music placement agency Talent & Terms and have been signed to a deal for their music to appear on TV shows.

Danny said: "Having our music played on US radio feels pretty weird.

"We take the time to listen to podcasts and hear what people are saying about our songs."

Inside View have recently been working on three new songs called Dumb, One More Try and The Lie Is In Her Name.

According to Danny, fans can expect plenty of vocal harmonies, anthemic choruses and guitar melodies in the new tracks.

Danny said: "Rather than change our sound completely we see our new stuff as more of a progression in sound.

"Right now we're focusing on just plugging away and seeing how we can take things even further."

For more on the band go to


Hailing from Wigan in the UK, Inside View are a band that are not afraid to be a little different. Their second EP ‘Underneath the Stars’ mixes indie rock with tunes that are unabashedly poppy to create a work that is varied, emotive and very memorable.

The whole EP is heavily laden with rich, close vocal harmonies, simple yet solid guitar work, varied, textured songs and has an emotional side that they’re not ashamed to show. ‘Underneath the Stars’ takes you from rock, to happy dancy pop, through a love song that’s just the right side of cheesy and ends on an heartfelt yet upbeat tune with a chorus that will stay in your head for hours.

From within a scene of serious indie rockers, Inside View are going against the grain and are making music that’s a bit emotional, a bit soulful and quite a bit poppy, but they balance it out with great song-craft, catchy hooks and some good solid rock. It’s refreshing, different, admirable and so damn catchy that you’ll have no choice but to like it!


'Underneath The Stars' is the 2nd E.P from Wigan indie-popsters Inside View; a strong, four track work that owes much of it's pleasantries to some really impressive and mature songwriting. What this EP might lack in raw power and fiery brutality it more than makes up for in artistic impression and structural integrity.


So, with great songs up their collective sleeves, Inside View deliver their indie goods with great proficiency and individualisic/collective prowess to make this E.P a pretty commerically viable offering. Inside View appear to be very-much a no fuss outfit; there are no showy over-long solos, there doesnt appear to be an ego in sight, they simply get out there and get down to the job in hand. And, dutiful but creative work ethic combined with it's 'grown-up' compositional skills, although perhaps not typical of the indie scene, is certainly one to be applauded.


Inside View is a band blessed with vocal talent in abundance and the harmonies displayed here are quite stunning; all four sing so i guess there's anything upto and including four-part harmonies in the mixes which results in a lovely light and bright feel. Behind all the voices everything's kept simple but nicely 'pointed'; guitars provide a jangly and rhythmic boost to the succinct but business-like bass and drums, wel proportioned, well layered and right on-the-money.

'Underneath the Stars' by Inside View is a worker, a slow grower; it tends to take at least two or three plays to really pick up on what the guys are doing here but once you start to see the 'bigger picture' the whole thing unfolds quite beautifully. 'Underneath the Stars by Inside View is different in so much as it's not really that forceful, rather it's somewhat mellowed out and needs to be given time and space before it fully blossoms - like the old-masters of the art world where you have to stand back to really get the beauty of the 'piece', 'Underneath the Stars' by Inside View is a really tidy and commercial offering but it may take time for people to work it all out and start to 'feel' it's magic.

Wigan rockers Inside View are hoping that the sun will be shining this weekend for their performance at the annual WOW Festival.

The talented four-piece will be joining Tiredness Kills and Love On Hold at Sunday's event, which will feature dance, music, theatre and arts from the borough and across the globe.

Thousands are expected to turn out for the festival at Mesnes Park, which Inside View guitarist Danny Heaton is eagerly anticipating.

The 20-year-old, from Ashton-in-Makerfield, said: "Last year around 9,000 people turned up, so it would be amazing to play for a crowd of that size.

"Chris Wyatt, from Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust, had listened to some of our tracks and asked us if we were interested in playing at this year's event.

 "We jumped at the chance as we thought it would make a change from playing the usual indoor venues."

 Inside View, who formed only last September, have made a big impact on the local music scene.

 Their gigs across the borough, and the North West, have received rave reviews.

 The same goes for EP Picture Perfect, which was recorded with Wigan music mogul John Kettle.

 John will be working with the band once again in October when they record another EP which is as yet untitled.

 Danny said: "We always enjoy recording with John as he's a great guy and great producer.

 "We've written around 20 songs and are currently discussing which ones will make it onto the EP.

 "We have a new song called Judas, which we will be playing live for the first time at the WOW Festival.

 "The set is going to be made up of old and new tracks – it's a great chance for us to showcase our music for a big crowd."

The band, whose influences range from the cream of Britpop to the heaviest of metal acts, are full of praise for the music scene in Wigan at the moment.

"There are a lot of really good acts coming up in the borough at the moment," said Danny.

"For us, things are continuing to go from strength to strength and we hope to take the band as far as we can."


With the able hand of Wigan’s John Kettle this quartet specialise in jangling, almost falsetto pop. It’s the kind of sunny song that’s coloured by broken hearts and sorrowful melodies. “Picture Perfect” sparkles and drowns in harmonies but I’m not sure what possessed them to make it nearly 5 minutes long. The initial chord phrase harks back to late 90’s indie; “New York” however, is a beautiful mixture of sixties ambience and considered hooklines – fittingly as perhaps the best track, it’s also the shortest. “Betrayed” is another well defined exercise in dreamy indie guitar music, but Inside View save the most upbeat outing until last with the bustling chords of “Can’t See Why”, that seem to offer a combination of Don Henley and dreamy West Coast guitars. It all points to some great potential; the performances are tight , but by targeting the power pop audience they need to actually come up with a killer tune to make them stand well above the rest.



THE INSIDE VIEW REVIEM Young,Fresh,Immenseley Talented and unsigned.Spot the mistake readers,the 'Inside View' will not be unsigned for too much longer.From what my ears,my heart and mind are telling me this is a Band heading for Great things.

The beauty of this Music is,that there are so many twists and turns to its production you cannot fail to want to listen to more and more and more of what the Band are giving.Somehow you feel you are on a Roller Coaster ride with them and enjoying every single second of it.One thing is for sure,you wont sit still once the Music starts.

So OK,lets really get on the Inside and see what the 'Inside View' is.

Songs like 'New York' and 'Picture Perfect' have a real Americana feel about them, almost like a British Version of the Counting Crows.Strong Melodic Mid tempo verses build up to glorious harmonies within the chorus lines constantly feeling like a breath of fresh air has just filled your lungs.The song 'Betrayed' has a more Edgy feel to it,darker rythm section and more off beats, but then finds itself in a swooning chorus line which is obviously a signature move of this Band.That said,it is a sure way to captivate the audience with chorus,s and beautifully crafted harmonies.'Carnt see Why',follows the pattern of 'Betrayed'.What would be good is a stripped down version of a song,just a guitar ,maybe some percussion and then really let this singers voice fly.That is no criticism of the Band as the Music and vocals fit together perfectly,its just an idea I had.

This band is immensley talented.Personally I rate their music very very highly.Anyone out their in their right mind will take this Band under their wing,take care off them and help them achieve what is rightfully theirs.

I Adore this mans very meaningful voice.My favourite track,well this is a difficult one because there is so much Good stuff here but I reckon 'Picture Perfect'.I have a feeling this Bands Music would do well in the U.S.I really have a gut feeling on that.

Good Music must have Longevity.For me this Band have pulled it off.This is the sort of Music you will buy and keep somewhere near the top of you collection in order that you can get your hands on it quickly,get it on your player and Indulge yourself.

There is no question that I WOULD buy this Music,Please note that this Band has just entered The Very Significant Top 100 Chart.

I urge you to visit their site and listen to their music,not just one track,but several in order to discover the variation and depth of Music these guys are able to write and perform so brilliantly well.

I wish them all the success,they truly deserve it.

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