Okay, so this is actually about a week late! BUT, i havent really had the chance to get on here to write!

Anyway i just wanted to say that all of us here in the Inside View camp hope that everyone's had an amazing Christmas and enjoyed the celebrations on New Years Eve! We hope everyone has a great 2012, and that you continue to support us throughout! :)

We are really going to try to push things forward this year and keep adding more and more to all of our band sites to give you something new to look at/watch/listen to etc etc each week if possible! :)

Soon enough we will be back in the studio to continue work on our album, but we all enjoyed a short break over the festive period! I must say that for me, and for us all i think, it definately felt far shorter than it was! I had 10/11 days off work, which seemed to come and go in an instant. As soon as i finished work, it felt like i was right back there the next day! Bad times! Bad times i tell you!!

Anyway in the time that we were off, lots of partying was done, which could actually be a contributing factor to why it all seems like a blur!

Where we live, in Wigan, everyone goes out on Boxing Day (night) to the clubs/pubs/bars etc in fancy dress! It has been tradition for a number of years, and as always - me and Danny were happy to be part of this!

Mainly because it usually it results in lots looking very silly, drinking lots of alcohol, and then dancing very silly aswell! All in the name of a good time though! Plus it's always interesting to see what other people have dressed up as aswell!

We left our costumes to the last minute as usual, but we managed to string something together n the end! I went as a Pirate, and Danny went as the Devil! :)

Also during the holidays we celebrated TWO Inside View birthdays, as Johnny turned 18(!) and then Danny turned 24! The unfortunate thing about Johnnys birthday is that it was the day after Boxing Day, so me and Danny were a little worse for wear! However Johnny got dressed up for his birthday celebrations aswell, as The Beatles Sgt Pepper 'look', and another good time was had!

Im pretty sure there will be some photos of us all on here or on myspace or facebook for you to look and laugh at if you wish to! :)

Anyway now that we are back to reality, we are going to crack on with the hard work we have got to do for the next 12 months! We are going to be busy busy busy!

We will keep you posted on our progress as much as we can! :)

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