Back in the good ole days of myspace, i used to blog on a fairly regular basis (or whenever i could be bothered to!), however, since everyone jumped ship to facebook/twitter/wherever... i admittedly blogged less frequently, and then not at all!

I intend to change that for 2012 though, and will blog as often as i can to keep everyone updated on what is happening with the band! Im sure other members will do their best to write as much as they can aswell.

2011 has been a quiet year for us publicly, but behind the scenes quite a lot of things have happened! Hopefully all of these changes and decisions will be for the better, and you will see the results in 2012! We intend to make the year as busy as possible, whether thats writing, recording, gigging, blogging, showing new videos of what we are doing, eating lots of pizzas... we will somehow keep you as entertained as we can!

As i havent blogged for so long, there are so many things i could talk about im not quite sure where to start! I will keep this one short and sweet, but im sure our tales of the last 18 months will be fuel for many future blogs!

Hope you continue to read them! :)

 AOB x

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