In spring 2011, myself and Danny went to California to play some acoustic shows, and we've made a 12 part series documenting our time spent there!

Recently we uploaded the first few, so i thought i'd write a blog to accompany each video! :)

We'd been talking about going for a while, but just never made the effort to arrange anything, so towards the end of 2010 we said 'right let's just go for it!'... so thats exactly what we did! We arranged to stay for 10 nights in L.A, between March/April, and it turned out to be one of the best experiences of our lives!

The plan was to try and book as many gigs as we could before we left, so that all we had to do was turn up, but unfortunately a lot of places let us down on the last minute! We still had 3 gigs booked for definate though, and i was even trying to get another arranged just a few hours before we left!

I only managed to get a few hours sleep the night before leaving, due to a) leaving all my packing to the last minute, b) still trying to plan gigs, and c) just because of the excitement of going to America again!

I had been to Florida twice before on holidays, but had never been to the west coast, and Danny hadn't been to america at all, so we were both really looking forward to it!

Our first flight was about 7 hours long, and the plane was relatively small - we didnt get given any earphones, so i couldnt even watch the tv! It was a long 7hrs!

Then we had to get off at Chicago, and get another 5hr flight to L.A!

There seemed to be some sort of issue at customs, and we were held up in a huge que for a long time... our next flight was meant to take off at 3.05, but we hadnt even got through customs at 3! We'd started to panic a bit incase we missed our flight, but fortunately the 2nd flight was delayed!.

That was probably the only time i have ever been, or ever will be, glad that a flight actually got delayed!

The apparant reason for delay was due to a problem with the brakes on the plane (which is never good to hear!), and after we actually landed... i'd have said they still needed looking at!

The 2nd flight didnt seem to drag quite as much as the 1st, but we were just both that tired that we couldnt wait to get to the hotel. However, before getting to there we had to find our way to the car rental place, and then drive to the our accomodation.

I'd been awake for a long time, i was tired, and it was the first time i'd ever driven an automatic... on the right side of the road aswell! This was definately not an enjoyable experience!

After a few minutes i thought i was getting the hang of it, until we turned at some traffic lights and i automatically drove towards the left lane... into a path of oncoming traffic! I think for a split second, the both of us genuinely feared for our lives!

I managed to swerve back into the right lane, and pulled up at the side of the road to calm down, however, in doing this i bumped the curb, and actually damaged the wheel trim! We'd only had the car about 10 minutes! oops!

Anyway we eventually found the hotel, and couldnt wait to lie down and relax for a bit.

From leaving my house, to arriving at the hotel, it took us about 23 hours! Even though we were exhausted, we decided to go for a quick wander around as it was still only about 11pm.

We found a local McDonalds (what else would you expect us to look out for?) and got something to eat! We had only been there a few minutes and came across some rather scary/crazy people! It was an interesting start to our trip!

We went back to the hotel, and decided to get some well needed, and well deserved rest!


The next morning we took a trip to Santa Monica Pier, which was a really nice place! It was a bit windy at times, but also really sunny and there were loads of buskers, magicians, and general entertainers! As you can see from our video... a chinese one-man-band definately caught our attention! x

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