'As it stands, we are just over half way through working on the album, and so far it has been going really well! It's been tiring, stressful, and hard work at times, but we are all really excited about the music we are creating and hope that everyone will like the end result!'

'In spring 2011, myself and Danny went to California to play some acoustic shows, and we've made a 12 part series documenting our time spent there!'

'Soon enough we will be back in the studio to continue work on our album, but we all enjoyed a short break over the festive period! I must say that for me, and for us all i think, it definately felt far shorter than it was! I had 10/11 days off work, which seemed to come and go in an instant. As soon as i finished work, it felt like i was right back there the next day! Bad times! Bad times i tell you!!'

 'We intend to make the year as busy as possible, whether thats writing, recording, gigging, blogging, showing new videos of what we are doing, eating lots of pizzas... we will somehow keep you as entertained as we can!'

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